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Woody Russell has released a catalogue of diverse recordings, or "variations", as he refers to it. The variations are, by his measure, "something akin to completely different indentities. Admittedly, the details delineating my work, that is, one project seperate from another, are a bit hazy.

After striking out on his own following the earliest bands of his career, his "solo" recordings begin with the folk infused fare of his debut, As Simple As That (1996). A Thousand One-Eighties (1998) and Time To Go (2001) were two subsequent releases while still based in Seattle. After relocating to Austin, Russell followed up with a new band and the rootsy IMA "Album Of The Year" nominated, Salt (2005). The successful blues and soul album, Up Against It (2010), received much critical praise in national and international blues press. Though that recording was technically a notable departure from his previous releases, his first major "variation" surfaced as the rich instrumental/orchestral/jazz project, Big Sky  (2012, and subsequently remastered for a 2023 re-release). Successive albums offered up funkier pop-jazz and rock hues with Delicious Days (2013) and Carry It Up (2016). A second variation, Russell's self-described "pandemic lockdown project"Still Wilson (2020), offered an ambitious pairing of six videos with each of the six single releases. Late 2023 saw the release of a 3-song EP project recorded between late 2020 through mid-'21, This Is Son Solitaire (2023), which also garnered very high marks from reviewers. Son Solitaire is another “variation” he considered an individual artistic identity. It presents an intricate art-rock/post-punk sound of which The Hollywood Digest said, “…aspires to more than mere entertainment.” 

He is currently recording new music for release in 2024.