Rick Beato interviews Keith Jarrett

Rick Beato's recent interview (YouTube) with legendary pianist/multi-instrumentalist Keith Jarrett is a touching, inside look at simply one of the most extraordinary artists - and by far one of the most accomplished improvisers - to ever grace the stage and studio. The interview itself is largely comprised of listening sessions brimming with Beato's joy; a very knowledgeable, respectful host. All of Beato's interviews are the best of any music "journalism". I watched through tears in my eyes as Jarrett, who has suffered strokes and can no longer use his left hand (he still plays beautifully with one hand, of course), listened to himself performing a couple of pieces at length. What a gift his singular voice in modern music is as a composer and improviser. He has created an exceptional body of recorded work. As a longtime fan of Jarrett, I am always floored by the depth of his artistry; it's truly stunning. His trust in being "in the moment", when the language flows, goes well beyond just having incredible skill and talent. It would seem, for lack of a better term, to be a spiritual experience; one that takes incredible patience and practice (not just musical) to tap that source. Additionally, the film "Keith Jarrett, The Art Of Improvisation" is a well-crafted glimpse in to his music and artistic approach.