Kris Olsen and a brief history of my Olsen Resolectric

The man responsible for building an instrument I am so closely associated with, my beloved "Reso", has left our earthbound existence. Kris Olsen is his name. There have been so many questions about, so many photographs taken of and many of my best songs inspired by, this guitar over the two-plus decades I've had it in my hands. My lovely wife made this guitar a reality for me as a gift, a bond, of our soon to be marriage at the time. It means the world to me, to say the least. This past year, our lives have been stung by several losses, some very, very close to home - even very recently - and some further from our own doorstep. I have been thinking a lot about mortality, about legacy and what we leave behind, hence my previous post. But on this one note, I simply wish to share that I'm lucky to literally play Kris Olsen's legacy as a luthier as long as I am capable, hopefully well in to my own future. He did, indeed, make something beautiful and thousands upon thousands of people, thankfully, have heard and seen his life's work... and will continue to. Thank you Kris. 📸by Your Pace Photography - Paul Safford