Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck was a singular voice on the guitar. No one even came close to the sound and the innovative musicianship that we guitar nerds know as “Beck”. His tone and technique were so unique to him that he was uncopyable, which is simple proof of the mystical art naturally embedded in his playing. Again, uncopyable. My favorite concert that I've watched most recently many times is his Ronnie Scott's performance. The one thing that strikes me most deeply about Beck's playing is the humility. Every musical moment of his is very “human”; virtuosic, yes, but still offering all of the rough edges, quirks and human-ness, the true indivuality of the musician. There is a language unto itself in Jeff Beck's playing. That quality - the developing your own language (phrasing, tone, melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) - is the ultimate goal of any serious musician. It's a lifelong pursuit for most of us mortals, but Beck seems to have landed on earth with the beauty and remarkable understanding of his language - of the possibilities of the electric guitar - fully intact. His impact on the guitar world has been, to say the very least, monumental.